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Here are some of the pages where I have gathered the best bags, purses and laptop cases for a particular use. They have been selected for price, quality, popularity and usefulness.

Fashionable yet functional bags for all your carrying needs: laptops, iPads, camera's...

Bags are a universal need - they make great Christmas and Birthday gifts, they help us carry our laptops, our purses carry phones, note books, keys, make up etc. What would we be without bags? Just getting a quality bag can be tough sometimes, but if you also want it to be cute and stylish yet functional, it becomes the stuff for long (online) shopping trips. I've tried making that search a bit easier.

Anuschka Hobo Bag - handpaintedBest Handbags this Christmas

Popular Hand Bags For Women

What would you be without a handbag? I resisted using one for years, but now I don't go anywhere without my handbag. In fact, I can't imagine why it's not a commodity for men as well as women these days.

I pay special attention to functionality: a good handbag isn't just cute, it helps you keep your stuff organised as well.

Are you considering getting a new handbag for yourself? Have been wondered what the best handbags are? Perhaps I can offer some selections for you to consider in your next purchase of a hand bag or purse to carry your essentials in. Let's face it, it is really difficult to go throughout a day without carrying a handbag of some sort with us. We have to take so much stuff with us that a purse becomes an necessity.

Selecting a handbag can become a very personal decision due to the specific needs that each of us have. Style plays a huge part in the decision as well. Some ladies can get by with just the minimal features in a purse while others are not only carrying "stuff" for themselves but for their children as well. Some need a large purse with many compartments while others prefer an open design. So lets look at some of the best choices for each of those needs.

A Little History Of The Backpack

Vintage Canvas Backpack, suitable for Laptop

So many people use backpacks today for a lot of different reasons but mostly because they are handy and can carry a lot of our "stuff". Did you know that originally a backpack was primarily used by hunters only? They used them to carry their equipment and the animals that they caught. Today we use them for anything from hiking, carrying laptops and tablets to carrying books from classroom to classroom and a variety of other activities.

You might hear the common backpack referred to by other names but they are basically the same item:

Those terms are used for a bag to carry items in on the back with straps and there are usually two straps that normally fit over the shoulders or across the shoulders. Backpacks have been around for a very long time but in recent history they have been modified for all kinds of activities and are much lighter in weight than the original ones were.

We can thank Dick Kelty who was a hiker back in the 1950s for coming up with the more efficient and lighter weights of backpacks that we use today. He was an avid hiker in the mountains and came up with the idea of a pack that would hold his equipment more efficiently and compact that did not weigh so much. From there, the designs and uses for these packs for our backs have evolved into a very useful tool to have to carry whatever we need to from point A to point B.

A variation on the backpack is the Sling Bag - it is like a backpack, but with only one strap that goes diagonally. See for instances these sling bags for iPad and Tablet!

Satchel Handbags

Anne Klein Against the Grain SatchelMany women love the satchel style of handbags. Typically this style has a wide and flat bottom with two handles and may also have a shoulder strap that can be worn across the body. It will have closure hardware, often times in the form of a flap style closure. Some styles of satchel handbags may almost look like a briefcase with the difference being that the satchel has softer sides than a briefcase would. Before us women figured out that this style of bag was perfect for us to carrying our daily necessities in, the satchel was used mostly by men.

Canvas ToteTote Handbags

A handbag that is known as a tote is generally an open style with little or very few compartments. There might be a small pocket on the inside or possibly on the outside.

A tote handbag is great for carrying things like books or gym clothes along with your personal items like a wallet, keys and cell phone. The handle or handles will usually have enough of a drop that the purse can be worn on the shoulder or carried by hand.

A typical tote handbag with long double handles that can be slung over the shoulder.

Mobile Edge Milano Laptop Handbag

This is meant as a laptop bag for women. I love the finish of it. Reviewers share it's a quality bag that holds up well in daily use. The only complaint is what you would expect from this model: if you carry a 15 inch laptop in it, the straps will cut into your shoulders after walking several blocks.

That's what you get for putting fashion over what your body needs (your body needs you to carry your laptop in a backpack or rolling laptop bag).

Anyhow, in all other ways this is a very practical bag: inside storage pockets for cell phone, pens, wallet etc. and the red interior contrasts beautifully with the black exterior of this bag.

Bohemian Ripped Looking Crossbody Shoulder Sling BagShoulder Handbags

Shoulder bags can come in so many styles, shapes and sizes. A true shoulder bag will be one that is meant to be slung across the should for hands free carrying. Some will have adjustable straps while others will be a more one size fits all.

Many other types of bags will have a shoulder strap feature that can be detached. Designs can be in a hobo style, tote or ones that have several compartments.

This shoulder bag is what I think of with a shoulder handbag. The strap is not adjustable and has a 21 inch drop. You could knot the handle for a shorter drop, if you wanted to.

I love the multi-colored design that has been razor cut in some areas to give it a ripped bohemian look. It is fun it, it is funky and would be really great with so many colors in your wardrobe. It is fully lined and offers a zippered pocket. The top of the purse also has a button closure. The handbag measures about 13 inches long by 14 inches wide so it has plenty of room.

Baguette Handbags or Clutches

Evening Bag Baguette Clutch

When selecting a baguette purse or clutch handbag you will find that they are generally wider than they are tall. Think of the popular type of French bread which is probably where the name originated from.

This style of purse will not have a lot of room but will be able to carry your minimal list of essentials. Women who love this type of handbag do not want a big old luggy bag that holds everything but the kitchen sink. Perfect for young girls and often times evening bags are in a baguette style.

You can find them in fun and funky patterns along with simple colors or elegant designs. They might be in a fabric, leather or all blinged out.

Shown is a fun baguette purse that I think would suit a student. It comes in all kinds of colors and even designs, like  plaid colors, pink, blue or red. Vinyl handles and trim give a finished look. It is lined with cotton fabric and offers an outside zippered pocket. Measures 14 1/2 inches wide by 5 1/2 inches tall and is 4 inches deep. A user says "I also like the size of the purse, as you can definitely fit your phone, compact and lipstick. Just gorgeous!!"

Clutch Purses and Handbags

A clutch purse or handbag can be something elegant for evening wear or it can be a casual design that can be used for everyday use. The bags are typically small and will hold only the basic necessities. They are meant to be carried with your hands, although many will come with a shoulder strap option. Some will have a wristlet style strap. There are some styles that are a hard case outer shell.

A sweet little clutch can be often used for every day. In many cases a wristlet handle when you need your hands free which can be removed if you wish. 


Wristlets are stylish and practical for a night out. You can just fit in essential make up, money, cards and (smart) phone - and that's it. The wristband makes it easier to carry around, though I personally prefer a shoulder-version.

What to Look for in a Handbag

Obviously you want a handbag or purse that you can wear with several pieces of your wardrobe and the overall look is important. The most important thing about a purse, in my opinion, is the functionality. So, think about what you want in a handbag.

Does it need to have several compartments so that you can keep your things organized? Would you rather not have the pockets and compartments and have more room to put larger items in your purse or be able to stuff some extra clothing in there for a trip to the gym, beach or an overnight stay? How will it function best for your needs?
How do you like to carry your handbag? Do you want a shoulder strap option for hands free carrying? Would you prefer to have top-handles to carry your purse with your hands or on your lower arm? Maybe you like smaller handbags and a wristlet strap would be nice.

You might also want to consider if this handbag will be used for every day or will it have a special purpose. You will want a durable material if it is one you carry most days. If it will be only used on specific occasions, like an evening out, you will want it to be stylish, maybe a little elegant and the fabric does not have to be as durable. 

Fabric purses have a more casual look. Leather can be both casual or dressy. Vinyl and faux leather can offer a less expensive choice. Some fabrics and materials can be weather resistant. So, think about the outer material that will work best for your needs.

Best Travel Cosmetic Cases

Popular Travel Cosmetic Bags, Best Travel Makeup Bags, Fun Cosmetic Train Cases

Your travel cosmetic case helps you keep your cosmetics organized and easy for you to find what you need on a cruise or business trip. These are also called cosmetic train cases.

These work great for the dorm to tote your cosmetics into the shared bathroom. It's especially useful if you don't have room to keep all your toiletries right at hand by the sink or don't want roommates helping themselves to your special cosmetics.You can even get cosmetic cases that lock.

Travel cosmetic bags are available in a wide variety of designs and styles to meet your needs. Featured below are the most popular travel cosmetic bags for you to select from. Stay organized while traveling one of these stylish bags.

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