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Top Rated Books Christmas Gifts List: My favorite books and novels for the holidays

I love reading books and have ever since I knew how to read. I mostly read fantasy, science fiction, religious and spiritual inspiring and information stuff. On this page you will find my best book reviews, links to my genre pages and to a few select individual reviews. The rest is on my spiritual book reviews blog or on my gifts blog.

I've always been a reader. I'm not quite a speed-reader, but I do read faster than most people do. I enjoy Jane Austen, romance novels as well as spiritual books. These days I study a lot of Buddhism. I've written too many book reviews to be listed here, but you can find my book recommendation pages. 

Best Fiction Books to Read: Christmas List

Book reviews, novels, favorites and new out

Anybody who loves to read, loves to read fiction. It's a great way to get away from your own life and broaden your horizon at the same time. I'm personally a fantasy fiction and science fiction fan, though I also read romantic fiction a lot. Thrillers are booming too, so I've included the popular ranking books in that genre as well.

Fantasy fiction best books list

Good fantasy literature to read on your leasure

I don't know what it is with fantasy, it seems a genre that is utterly escapist. Then again, it's so easy to relate to. Why is that? Magic, fairies, clairvoyance and clashes of good against evil. I guess it strikes a nerve...

Harry Potter Books

Fantasy for kids and adults

Even with the movies now all out and the hype dying down, J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter books are still selling like hot cakes. With good reason: they're mythical, full of archetypes, but also funny. I don't know how she manages it, but she makes it easy to relate to a wizard boy who has to fight the powers of darkness...

Good Fantasy Novels for teens
The best fantasy books with brief reviews. I love fantasy as a genre. It takes you into a new world where there are so many new possibilities - but also new ...

Marion Zimmer Bradley Books
Her heritage is felt most deeply in the literary genry of fantasy (though her Darkover series might also be classified as science fiction) and in the realm of wicca and paganism.

Terry Pratchett's Discworld: The Funniest Fantasy Novels Ever
Terry Pratchett is one of my favorite fantasy authors of all time. I had vowed not to write about this though, as I have too much else to do. However, ths on...

Science Fiction

Although the dividing line between fantasy and science fiction is not always clear, there are some distinctions. Fantasy is usually set in a world where magic predominates. Science fiction is usually set in a world where technology has gone (even) further than it has in our own lives. You'll often find robots and cyborgs, space ships and ecological issues...

Jane AustenBest Romantic Fiction Best Books List

The measure of a good book: how often I reread it...

I'll be honest: I read romance novels as though they were food - well nearly, not quite daily, but at times I've come very close. However, few of those books were worth rereading, which is why only Nora Roberts made the list.

THE exception to the rule is Jane Austen: there is a reason her books are still read three centuries after they were written. There's a reason her books have all been made into movies, usually several in fact. And as far as I'm concerned it's that however romantic these novels may be, Jane Austen is also an exquisite describer of character as well as funny.

Best authors of Romantic Novels
I'm a sucker for a romance novel on a cold afternoon. I'm also an avid reader and can read two or three on one day (when I'm really spoiling myself)....

Best Regency Romance Novels
Historical Regency Romance Novels have a built in tension that no modern novel can have: all that suspense because without touching (let alone x-rated action...

Jane Austen - her novels and fanfiction

Historical and romantic literature that nourishes the soul

Jane Austen is my all time favorite classic author. She writes in a way that makes the early 19th century come alive. I would never want to BE as closeted as her female characters are (who would), but it does make for great romance.

I'm not sure which is my favorite. I love Persuasion, I love Emma, I love Pride and Prejudice. The letter novel 'Lady Susan' is so funny I laughed all through reading it. Especially the end... It's not available separately, you'd have to buy the collection. I also recommend the many movies based on Jane Austen's books.

Oh, and if you have an tablet or e-reader, you can get the whole collection for free digitally ;)

My favorite literature... Jane Austen: who else?

Nora Roberts

Top fiction in the romantic genre

Nora Roberts is famous all over the world. No wonder: plots are intricate without being contrived, her characters have depth and originality. They even have an arc: that is, they change over time. What's not to love? And of course, and this is a must for romantic fiction, they always end well....

Christmas Romance Novels

Romantic Christmas Novels to enjoy during the Holidays

Curl up on the couch by a warm fire. Hot chocolate in hand and Christmas lights turned on - and relax with some of the best Christmas novels out there.

I love romance novels any day of the week, any time of year - but Christmas romances have something extra. The added romance of Christmas - with family, snow, a bit of Christian inspiration and good cheer added in can make a yummy love story.

Mr. Darcy's Christmas Carol - My review of a classic love story with a twist

In the tradition of both the original Charles Dickens classic - A Christmas Carol - and Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice this retelling of the latter has Mr. Darcy miss all his opportunities to get Elizabeth Bennett as his wife and spends Christmas alone. Ghosts from his past, present and possible future come along to show him what's wrong with his life and how he could change it.

Romantic, fun and endearing all at once. (I read this on the kindle app)

Dad readingChildren's books List

My reading habit started when I was a kid. Not only did my dad read to us till I was 13 (!), I also devoured books all through primary school and high school. I guess it's one of the reasons I write now.

Start that habit early and make sure your children have access to great books.

Shown here is my father reading from a book we took turns reading on Christmas day a few years ago. I guess the tradition of reading is continuing even as we are all grown up.

Of course I continued reading through my teen years. In fact, I read The Lord of the Rings, by Tolkien when I was 17 (or so).

Not only did my dad read to us, he also inspired the genres of books I read. He loves fantasy and Science Fiction as well as science writing. Notice any similarities? It's only in religion that I diverge widely from the path he set...

The best Children's Books Ever
I loved being read to as a child. In fact, in our family my dad read to us till I was 13 (I was the oldest). Not all kids stuff either: The most memorable... See also: airplane books for boys, and books for pre-schoolers

The Annotated Brothers Grimm Fairy Tales
When I came across this book – The Annotated Brothers Grimm- I just had to have it. Having been intrigued by innuendo about sexual licence in the classic fairy tales, about horror stories suppressed, about how the fairy tales were edited in later versions of the tales to suit children, I wanted to know more.

Non-fiction Books

Although I spend a lot of time reading, most of that time I indulge in romance and fantasy novels. However, the rest of my reading time can be divided into three categories: religion and spirituality, psychology and consciousness research and biographies.

Martin Meredith: The State of Africa
A thorough historical, economical and political look at all the nations of Africa over the past 50 odd years. From dictators to AIDS/HIV, from disappointed...

Out of this World: Otherworldly Journeys from Gilgamesh to Albert Einstein
Real science is always hard to summarize. This book by Ioan Couliano is a book like that. I read the whole thing, but to be honest the most fascinating part...

Empires of the Silk Road, Christopher I. Beckwith
As a student of Indian history, philosophy and religion, the wider context of Asian culture fascinates me. How do all those cultures relate to each other? What does the famous Silk Road have to do with anything?

Great Ideas for Book Gifts

On the Most Wanted List in Books

The Jared DiamondWorld Until Yesterday: What Can We Learn from Traditional Societies?

Delving into the societies of our past and noting the differences in how we humans now resolve conflicts, raise our children and communicate with each other that differs greatly from cultures in the history of man. The way we eat, almost obsessively compared to how early man ate to survive. Much can be learned from looking at the past and possibly realizing that some of those "old" ways might actually be better for society today.

Art books - Coloring books for adults!

Adults are coloring. They are! Two books aimed at adults are actually on the Amazon Best Seller List! It started with mandalas, I think - at least in my social circle - but it has expanded to include flowers, nature scenes, Buddhist art and even Human anatomy.

Secret Garden: An Inky Treasure Hunt and Coloring Book is full of intricate line drawings inspired by nature. From flowers, fish and butterflies to sculpted potted plants, a labyrinth and romantic gardens. The book is a nice size for coloring: 9.9 x 0.5 x 9.9 inches.  

Spiritual books and religion inspiration

The best spiritual books of all time
Gathering all my spiritual book reviews together. Religion and spirituality fascinates me no end. I also love to read books - this page combines both...

Spirituality from the perspective of science books
Think God has a place in quantum mechanics? That consciousness is given by God? That Evolution can only explain so much? Well - these books will try to convince you otherwise.

Best spiritual fiction
I love spiritual fiction: the best in the genre combines a heart warming story with a spiritual quest. The hero, or heroin, is usually a bit odd...

Best books about the world religions
I've made several reviews of books about the world religions: Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, Christianity, Judaism etc. I've also found you some books about ...

Best most popular Buddhism Books
These books explain Buddhism for a modern Western audience. They generally focus on the practical aspects of Buddhism: how to live your life well...

Best Mindfulness Meditation Books
Because modern life is so very busy, so full of sensory impressions from the internet, tv, music, traffic etc. many people need to be reminded of something...

Best children's books about religion
I truly believe that religion, in its various manifestations has something to teach us all. All the religions are beautiful and try to improve individuals...

Best spiritual books for teenage girls
Religion and spirituality are often important to teenagers. Late teens especially have loads of questions about God, the meaning of life and lifestyle choice...

Best spiritual books for teenage guys / boys
Becoming an adult is a hard business: are they boys or men? Boys in their late teens will often struggle with spiritual questions to combine with their other...

Theosophy Books - theosophical inspiration
Links to book reviews of theosophical books and a selection of the most famous and inspirational books in the theosophical movement. Books by...

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