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Dolls Are Great Gifts

Dolls have been used by humans for thousands of years. As a Toy, for Magic, Religious ceremonies, and as Decorative pieces. For hundreds of generations we have been creating, gifting, and receiving Dolls.

This year the following themes are hot and popular: baby dolls, American Girl, Cloth and Rag Dolls, Lalaloopsy, Bratz, Disney Princess Frozen Dolls, Monster High Dolls, Barbie and Cabbage Patch Kids Dolls, an old classic.

Christmas is that time of the year when all of us - specially the kids - look forward to receiving gifts. Thousands, or maybe hundreds of thousands of Doll companies around the world create new Characters and Designs for public consumption. Out of these only a few dozen or so meet mass public approval.

Featured here is an eclectic collection of Dolls for Christmas. While some of these Dolls are popular - others are not so well known. The aim is to present a good range of choice.

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Cinderella doll

Cinderella Dolls - the Hit Disney Movie 2015

Disney has gone back to its roots: the 2015 Cinderella remake doesn't change the basic setup of the movie. She's still beautiful and kind - and this time she gets to be brave as well. She still relies mostly (if not entirely) on her beauty in getting the prince. There is still a fairy godmother as well, with magically changed mice and a lovely dress.

This is no feminist remake - this is good old fashioned dream of your prince on a white horse to save you.

However, the Mattel dolls are lovely. Shown above is the doll collector version. It has a ultimate girly dream dress (it's got butterflies) and I think it's a nice touch that they gave the doll a face that is very like Lily James who plays Ella. Personally I like the fact that she doesn't have the usual mandatory smile. Instead we get a doll that looks just a tad bit fed up by the way her stepmother and stepsisters have been treating her.

The small doll shown to the side here is the one aimed at girls - it does smile and the face is a bit less exquisite. 

I like that there are also dolls available for the fairy godmother and Lady Tremaine (the stepmother). They will give girls playing with them strong adult women as role models and play figures. However, judging by the reviews, people are treating them both like collector dolls as well.

Frozen Doll: princess Anna

Frozen Dolls - the Hit Disney Movie 2014

People are raving about Frozen - the movie in which a powerful princess transforms her life through her magic. I don't think Hans Christian Andersen could have foreseen this version. It is more glamorous and less scary than the original. However, both are stories of redemption.

The 'frozen' sister Elsa has magical powers, but she can't control them and they end up freezing the whole kingdom. The younger sister Anna misses her sister - who left out of fear of hurting her sister. However, after several adventures, Elsa learns that love can help her control her powers. Anna ends up with her true love and of course all is well in the end.

Giving a girl a doll is something I think we all feel good about. There is something almost magical about a girl and the doll that she decides that she loves the best of all her toys. She begins to develop skills in learning to dress and undress herself but there is so much more to it. Her special doll may be her first friend. She can talk to the doll and play with the doll and begin to learn about interaction with people. Of course, in most cases the doll is not going to actually talk back or be unkind or share but she begins to get the feel for playing with others. 

That special doll may not be the typical baby doll that we might think a girl will favor. It might be one of the different styles of fashion dolls that are available. It really does not matter which type of doll, it is...the girl will find a special place in her heart for the "one" doll that means more to her than any other. And there is the magic of it all, she starts to learn to love as only a little girl can.

Dracubecca DollCute dolls for girls

What are the most popular dolls with girls today?

Are you looking for the top dolls for girls to play with? Which dolls are the most popular when it comes to girls choosing which dolls they want? There was a time in the not too distant past when the choice of a doll for a girl was limited, at best. That is no longer the case. When going down the doll aisle in any store or looking on line for a doll can almost seem overwhelming with all of the choices. If you are wanting to give a girl a doll as a gift, which one do you choose?

Shown here is one of the popular Monster High dolls.

Monster High are the most popular dolls today!

The Top Dolls Being Sold Today, shown here

The line of slightly different fashion dolls by Mattel is popular with girls. Out of the top 20 best selling dolls on Amazon, 17 are from the Monster High line of dolls. Girls love the funky and different fashions that the dolls have and Mattel is keeping the interest going by introducing different themes and stories on a regular basis. 

Girls can also go online and watch little "webisodes" of the Ghouls in School who often have the same sorts of problems that all girls have in school...making friends, homework, gossip and feeling connected. What I love about these dolls by Mattel is that it gives the message to girls that they do not have to be just like everyone else, that it is OK to be different and that all girls have the same sorts of worries during the teen years.

Each doll has a distinct personality, as real girls do and it is fun for girls to see the interaction of the characters in the little videos and be able to relate to at least one of the characters.

Popular dolls for tweens

Monster High is a popular animation series among the kids. Monster High Dolls are therefor among the hottest dolls around. The progeny of popular Monsters and Ghouls provides cool entertainment to the babies. This year sees a new line of Monster High Dolls - known as the Monster High Dead Tired Dolls. Just like the Ugly Doll - these Dolls are appropriate for Halloween.

Another Style Of Fashion Doll: Harmonix: AishaWinx

Girls seem to really be into fashion, even at the youngest of ages. Another popular doll in the fashion type of doll is the relatively new line called Winx. These dolls are 11 1/2 inches tall and have articulated limbs for easy movement and posing. Their wings can be removed and placed on any of the Winx dolls. Each doll allows special access to Nick's website for more exciting ways to play with the doll and to watch videos of the Winx characters.

BarbieBarby Doll: princess and popstar - an eternal favorite

Barbie is still a popular doll. You can't go wrong in getting a Barbie doll for a girl as a gift. Little girls still love their Barbies, too. The top Barbie, currently, is the Popstar version.

The dolls in this Mattel line are based on the newest of the Barbie movies for little girls, The Princess and the Popstar.

Girls can pull a string on the dress and the princes style clothing transforms into a pop star outfit. Her hair can change from being a standard color to being very hip in color. Press the necklace on the doll's neck and she will sing a song or two.

Barbie is always hot!

Barbie is of course the most famous doll series on the planet. She's not quite politically correct, but that doesn't make her less fun to play with, or even collect.

Ugly Doll

Ugly Doll is a collection of handmade ... Ugly (rag) Dolls! This series was launched a decade back and the rising popularity has prompted Ugly Doll merchandise like Pillows, Ceramics, Backpacks, and Lunch Boxes.

If your kids arn't afraid of the monsters you can certainly consider gifting them an Ugly Doll on Halloween or Christmas.CrazyForBargains.com RealTree

American Girl Dolls

American Girl Dolls

These dolls come in all the colors that american girls do. They're not supermodel cute, but nice and realistically (for our time) chubby. They come with story books that tell the story of girls in the past and their struggles. Whether it's the Civil War and slavery or World War 2, going back all the way to native american tribalism in the 1700s but also facing up to racial relations in New Orleans in the 19th century.

All the main shades of American citizenry of today are represented: from Native American to Caucasian, Mixed blood Jewish to Hispanic and African Americans are also included.

Top Plush Doll: Baby Baby StellaStella Peach Doll

When it comes to dolls for even the littlest of kids, the most popular plush doll is little Stella. She is soft and cuddly and perfect for little hands to hold. Her pacifier can be removed easily by young hands and she is washable if she gets soiled. Her clothes can be removed which is fun for little babies and starts to assist them in using the fine motor skills. 

Baby Stella is designed for both boys and girls, starting age 12 months. 

African American Dolls

We're not all Caucasian, yet dolls usually have blond hair, usually straight, blue eyes and a light skincolor. Even if they don't - and many dolls on this page aren't as light as the ordinary barbie, dolls usually have a Caucasian nose, and hair that's not TOO curly.

Slowly the doll industry is changing and acknowledging the fact that Caucasians are in fact a minority. I remember my black baby doll (dark brown technically) my politically correct mom got me. While I took most pleasure taking that doll apart and putting it back together (as I did all my dolls), I do have a hope it helped me see African Americans as people when the time came for me to meet some at age 12.

Top Baby Doll: Brianna, by Melissa and DougMelissa & Doug Brianna - 12" Doll

The most popular baby doll for little girls is the Brianna doll by Melissa and Doug. She is a 12 inch doll with a soft body and vinyl face, hands and feet. She can suck on her thumb or the pacifier that comes with her and she is just so very lovable. Girls can remove her clothing and put them back on giving them practice in dressing. A great doll for girls to begin to learn to nurture.

LalaloopsyLalaloopsy Dolls

Cute dolls popular with girls

Rag Dolls have been popular for generations. Meet the Lalaloopsy Dolls - earlier known as Bitty Buttons Dolls. These Adorable Rag Dolls have unique personalities and have buttons for eyes.

The Lalaloopsy dolls have become one of the top selling dolls, too. These cute little dolls have the appearance of having been sewn together and usually have buttons for eyes.

These are beautiful Rag Dolls with a twist. Each of them has been crafted from Rags of a person following a particular occupation. These Dolls sport buttons as eyes and are very colorful and funky. Possessing different personalities and accompanied by a pet - these Rag Dolls will really make good play dolls for children - specially girls till the Tween stage.

Each doll has a story that involves having been sewn from something different which gives the message of recycling and reusing items to little girls. The doll shown below was supposed to have been created from an adult swimsuit so she dreams of being a mermaid.

The stories that go with the dolls are charming and innocent for girls.

The Lalaloopsy Littles are a smaller stuffed doll variation on the Lalaloopsy line. They're cute and meant as the smaller siblings of the Lalaloopsy landscape.

Manufacturer recommended age: 4 - 15 years

Best Blond Haba DollHaba Stuffed Dolls

Beautiful Soft dolls: Most Wanted Christmas Gifts from Germany for baby girls (18 months and up). There are boys and girls, babies and toddler dolls available. They have a variety of hairstyles, but all are Caucasian. Shown is the popular blond Mali, but there are readheads and dark eyed brunettes as well. 

Sizes available: 9, 12, 13.5 and 15 inch.

Haba Stuffed Dolls are suitable for babies and toddlers but will survive kids a whole life long. They are a fine example of classic European aesthetic and quality, which is tough to match. Haba Dolls are soft dolls and accessories which are a must have for all young girls who love to play with Dolls.

Haba is a popular German toy maker well known for high quality Toys, Dolls, Games, Furniture, and Room Decorations. For over seven decades Haba has been delighting the kids all over the world with educational, enriching and well-made toys.

Germany is well known for its well crafted and engineered goods. Haba Plush Dolls and Doll Prams present us another facet of German manufacturing. Take one look at Haba Plush Dolls and you'll be mesmerized for sure. There is something about these wonderful creations which is tough to match for other Doll makers. An unusual and cool Christmas Gift. I am very sure your Young Princess will be mighty pleased if you present her with a Haba Plush Doll on Christmas.

Action and toy figures for boys

Harry Potter Dolls and Plush

There are some characters who don't remain limited to the realms of fiction. Harry Potter is one of them. Seven Books and Eight Movies later - this child wizard is as real as you and me, and will probably remain so for a long period of time.

Harry Potter and his friends are sure to delight the children - in the form of Dolls, Bobble Heads, and Action Figures. I am sure there are plenty of Teens and Adults too who'd love this collection.

Naruto Shippuden Dolls and Accessories

Anime and Manga has its peculiar style and a dedicated fan following. Though I don't really like it personally - there is no doubt that Naruto Shippuden Anime and Manga series is well loved by millions of folks in Japan, the United States, and a host of other countries. Gift a Naruto Doll to a fan of this series and you will surely make their Christmas a very special one.

Soft toys and plush animals - for boys, girls and everything in between

Best Plush Toys, New Stuffed Animals and Dolls for Christmas

Holiday Gift Guide on Soft Toys and Plushies!

Plush Toys and Dolls are a Classic Gift Idea for Christmas. Not only are they firm favorites of Babies and Toddlers, many Tween, Teens, and Adults like playing with and collecting soft toys.

Recent popularity of Webkinz and Moshi Monsters has added a new dimension of Virtual Play to these cute and cuddly Toys.

Pillow PetsMy Pillow Pets

Cute stuffed animals for boys and girls

Just like Happy Nappers - My Pillow Pets also possess the quality of transforming from a Stuffed Toy to a Baby Pillow, and vice versa. The Lens below showcases the Large 18 Inches My Pillow Pets.

My Pillow Pets are really cute Plush Animal Toys - which also double up as comfy pillows for the kids. They have been very popular this year, and are a very good gift idea for Christmas for your small kids.

There are dozens of Pillow Pets available in different sizes. The most popular sizes are 18 and 11 inches. This Squidoo Lens focuses on the Latest and Most Liked Pillow Pets in the 18 inches category.

Featured in the Image is one of the Lady Bug Pillow Pets

That is, except for the new Pillow Pets Nightlights that come in a mini version (little bigger than an adult hand) an 11 inch version. Don't you like the idea of a stuffed animal lighting up the room with a soft nightlight sky effect?

The manufacturer recommended age is 3 years and up: there is a small choking hazard.

Happy Nappers

Happy Nappers are Plush Animals plus Soft Pillows. That's two goodies for the price of one! They are pretty popular and I am sure Kids would love receiving them as Christmas Gifts.

Peacock webkizWebkinz Plush Pets for Christmas

Cute stuffed animals for boys and girls

Webkinz and their smaller Avatars - Lil'Kinz provide opportunity for Dual Play. Not only can your kids play with these beautiful Plush animals, but each of these cuddlies also includes an Online Code which will help you adopt them in the Cyber Space!

Top ten Christmas gift ideas for webkinz fans, boys and girls! Webkinz Plush Pets are two Toys rolled into one. Not only can the kids play with these soft and cuddly Toys, they also get an opportunity to play with a Virtual version on the Webkinz World website.

Each colorful Webkinz Plush Collectible comes with a Secret Code, which provides access to all of the games, activities and fun in the Webkinz World!

There are hundreds of Webkinz Pets, which can be quite an education about the natural world. From a chameleon and peacock (shown) to panda, gorilla, zebra and of course more 'ordinary' animals like moose, bird, turkey, fox, hamster, rabbit, lion, lam, hedgehog, reindeer, elephant, and frog. Then there are several cats and ponies, a few dog breeds and a lot more. Fantasy creatures are also included: a dragon and a night monster for instance.

Recommended For Children Between Six and Thirteen Years of Age.

Moshi Monsters Moshlings Plush

Moshi Monsters are the flavor of this Christmas Season. Like Webkinz, Moshi Monsters also have a virtual gaming world. The Squidoo Lens below focuses on Moshi Monsters Moshlings - you can think of them as little Moshi Monsters. I am sure die-hard Moshi fans will not agree with me.

Peppa Pig

Peppa Pig is a Super Star. She has her own TV show and dedicated fan following across Continents! She is sweet and pink. The perfect soft Toy for young girls. She has a large family and lots of friends - so boys need not be disappointed.

Lilliputiens Baby Plush Dolls

Cute stuffed animals for babies and toddlers

Lilliputiens offers a wide variety of quality Plush Toys for Kids. Of special note for Christmas are the four Lilliputiens Babies Dolls - Baby Chou, Baby Chloe, Baby Rose, and Baby Zoe. I am sure kids will be delighted to take care of these soft and cuddly babies, which come with their own resting Cots.

PetCakes Plush Animals

Cute stuffed animals for girls

I found these cutest of the lot. Each of these Pets comes in an innovative Cup Cake Packaging and wears a frosted Hat. Beautiful Plushies which provide ample scope for pretend play, can also be used as Decorative pieces.

Apple Park Organic Plush

Looking for Organic Plush Toys for Christmas? I'll recommend Apple Park Organic Plush Toys. Their Picnic Pals and Hand Puppets are made from 100% certified organic cotton and are free from chemicals and carcinogenic materials. Soft and Pure Christmas fun for the young ones.

Giant Plush Toys, Stuffed Animals and Dolls

Last but not the least - some Mega Christmas Fun for the entire Family. Use these Mega Stuffed Figures for gifting or Decorate your Home with them.

Soft Building Blocks for toddlers

Building Blocks are very educational and lots of fun. If you are looking for the Best Soft Building Blocks for your young ones. I am sure you will like the collection.

Building Blocks are a nice tool to awaken creativity and color and shape recognition in the Toddlers. Their young brains are encouraged to create new combinations,...

Furby - Popular talking doll with boys and girls!

A talking doll, that dances and responds to tickling and will develop a personality as you play with it! I'm really curious about this one.

It even speaks furbish and requires an iPhone (or iPad) app to translate. The app also feeds it, but you can do that with your fingers too.

Hasbro promises us that the toy will learn English. It turns out that the different Furby personalities each start out knowing only furbish, learning English as they go along. The toy switches to a new personality on a whim...

Adults and kids love how unpredictable the toy is. While there is no off-button, it does shut up when put in a dark space like a closet or a drawer.

Aimed at kids aged 6 and up

Kokeshi Friendship Dolls

These beautiful Dolls from Japan are a sure treat for Doll lovers. Not intended for young kids - these Dolls are better suited for Christmas Home Decoration. Each of these cute Dolls represents a human virtue and inspires us to be good and gracious towards other human beings. Surely a very appropriate theme for Christmas.

Baby Dolls

Bebe Gloton : Greedy Baby

The Breast Milk Baby Doll or Baby Gloton is a Doll which has proved very popular in Europe and has been recently launched in the United States. It aims to teach young girls how to breast feed a baby! The Doll has its supporters and detractors. No doubt it deserves a mention among the hottest dolls for the Holiday Season.

More toys and gifts for kids and adults, boys and girls, men and women

Top Toys, christmas gifts for kids Christmas is round the corner and the market is abuzz with new products. Find out which are the Top Holiday Toys this season.

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