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Best Construction Sets and Building Toys for boys and girls 2016

Building sets and construction toys are great for children to discover how the world works. Traditionally they are often considered boys toys, but I can personally tell you that girls can enjoy them too!

Lego toys and construction sets

lego Christmas train

The most famous toy brand that caters to the need of kids to build things, is Lego of course. They have made toy sets aimed at all kinds of kids, from toddlers to teens - and even Adult Lego Fans. The system is such that all these sets can work together, so your child can develop their own building set. Let them develop that creativity!

However, if you feel your girl needs to stick to girly toys, you could give her the specifically designed Lego sets for girls. They're pink and girly, and a bit more focused at pretty instead of challenging their spatial awareness and that sort of thing. However, they will still help her develop such skills more than barbie will!

Last but not least, Lego has also come out with a series of Christmas themed toy sets. These are again mostly aimed at adults, though a skilled teenager would know what to do with it as well.

More Lego Toys and Sets

Fun Building Blocks

Magnetic Building Blocks

I think these are such a smart toy invention: simple, but cute as well as educational!

Suitable for babies all the way up to grandparents, magnetic blocks are a great way to spend the time. And yes, as construction toys they're automatically educational as well.

The smaller Tegu sets come with a cute pouch, so that they can be taken along anywhere. Children will not only develop spatial awareness, but they'll get a feel for magnetic properties as well. Adults will simply love toying with them!

More construction toys and building sets

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