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The Dutch Santaclaus (Sinterklaas) gives his gifts on (or before) December 5th. He is an expert in funny gifts, wrappings and poems. When I found out that some of this fun aspect of Sinterklaas is also present in the Christmas gifts tradition, especially when it comes to stocking stuffers and Secret Santa gifts, I could not resist contributing a few pages to that aim.

Secret Santa is, I think, generally celebrated in the office. In the Netherlands the tradition of only giving a gift to one or two people and drawing lots to decide who gives something to whom is part of the Sinterklaas tradition. I love these parrallels! Have fun!

Big Mouth Toys Toilet Mug

"Stop drinking out of the toilet!" Does that ring a bell if you have a disobedient dog? Why should he or she have all the fun?

Now you can have your own coffee or tea mug and enjoy drinking out of the toilet. That is not to say that your hot beverage should taste like something which came from the toilet, no, that would be distasteful! 

The ceramic toilet bowl mug holds 12 ounces of coffee or your favorite beverage. Dishwasher safe and a great gag gift.

Of course there are also funny mugs available that aren't quite so crass. Like this simple reminder that it's morning, and you may not be quite ready to talk to people just yet.

Fanny Bank Funny Farting Coin Drop Bank

That funny noise that passes from a person's body is a hit with today's crowd. Every time you place a coin in this fanny bank, you won't stop laughing.

Funny Christmas Gifts
Funny gag gifts are also great for those "White Elephant" gift exchanges at the office, too.
Office Gag Gifts
, and funny kitchen gifts and more kitchen gag gifts...
Funny Secret Santa Gifts
Want to give your co-workers a secret santa gift that will make them smile? Here are a few suggestions of funny Secret Santa Gifts and Stocking Stuffers.

Funny Christmas Gag Gift Ideas

Humorous Gifts To Give For Christmas

Take the "bah humbug" out of the festivities this year with some funny Christmas gifts. Some people just get so uptight over the holidays! Lighten up the mood with some gag gifts that will get everyone laughing. Funny gifts are also great for those "White Elephant" gift exchanges at the office, too. Show those on your gift list that Santa has a jolly sense of humor with more than just his "Ho, Ho, Ho-ing".

Know someone who gets all tense about Christmas? Maybe they worry over getting the right gift for everyone on their list. Perhaps money is tight so they "spazz" over the expense of the holidays. Sometimes you just want to tell them to take a "chill pill" and sit back and enjoy the season for what it is - a time to be with family and friends (gifts or not). Now you can give them a supply of chill pills as a gag gift for Christmas. See the featured product at the left with a link below. Personally I think a flower pen is a fun stocking gift for just about any woman.

Don't Get In A Pickle Over Christmas - funny gift idea

A nice gift for the "sourpuss" for Christmas! Besides the laughter when you catch the look on their face when they open this awesome gift, it can provide the musical entertainment for the unwrapping of gifts. So, it is two, two gifts in one! It actually does play some yodeling music and lucky you - you don't have to fork out extra money for batteries because they are included. And if you do not think this is a funny Christmas gift, click on the product link and read some of the reviews! They are hysterical!

Santa Must Be A Dad - a funny Christmas gift idea

A funny Christmas gift especially for Dads and Granddads who never tire of the old line "Here, pull my finger" at every holiday meal. I would imagine that poor old Santa does run in to some gastric difficulties over the course of his trip around the world what with all those milk and cookies he is obliged to eat at every other house he stops at. Don't tell anyone but I've heard that Santa has an intolerance to dairy products, hence the need for his finger to be pulled!

Dear Santa,I have been really good this year,
well mostly good,
uhm sort of good,
oh never mind...
I'll buy something
for myself.

A Funny Gift For Your Cat Loving Friend
For the gal on your list who loves her cats (maybe just a little too much). As she brushes off the cat hair on her favorite Christmas sweater, she is sure laugh out loud when she opens her gift from you. Well, as long as you know she has a good sense of humor, she will. She may not be an honest to goodness real Cat Lady but she is sure to get a giggle or two out of this lady with the scary eyes and six cats.

Car Or Room Freshner - slightly different aromas from the norm

Ok, so this is not a laugh out loud hysterical and funny Christmas gift but it is unique and somewhat of a gag gift. Give them an air freshener for their car, dorm room or any place they prefer. The one shown below has a bacon scent for those who love their bacon. You can also choose a scent for: buttered popcorn, cherry pie, cupcake or macaroni and cheese.

Funny calendars humor desk and fun wall calendars

There's nothing like a funny calendar to brighten up your day - day after day, week after week, month after month. I've found you funny day-to-day desk calendars as well as monthly wall calendars.

Shit List Note Pad

How often have you told someone that they were on your list? Everyone has had one of these grievance lists. Though never physically on a note pad before...until now where you can write out what you really feel.

60 sheets of stress releasing fun. Write down what you really mean. Give this to your boss or ex-boss as you walk out the door.

Not sure these are recommended, they may really destroy your work relationships.

Accoutrements Emergency Underpants Dispenser

Cover the box up and people will think it is a tissue box. Never leave home without it. Five pairs of disposable underpants that will fit almost any adult and if someone does find out what it is you can say it is a gag gift.

The Original RedNek Wine Glass

Fill it with anything funny and appropriate and you've got a great secret santa gift idea. This wine glass has a top, so you can put in jam, putty, nickles, or just something that has been the joke of the office for years.  

Joke Bandages Novelty Gag Bandage

Shown is the Jesus bandage - might be a bit offensive to religious co-workers, but if you wanted to make them light up about their faith, this would be the gift for them. However, there are also joke bandages with bacon print on them, monsters, crime scene investigation labels, cupcakes, toast, bling, kisses, mustaches, pickles, pirates, monkeys, fake tattoo's, and the ultimate gag gift: underwear.

Gifts That Give The Gift Of Humor

If you love giving and receiving gag gifts and are looking for some funny Christmas gag gifts to bestow on your family and friends this year, I might be able to help you out a little bit. What is funny anyway? Well, according to the dictionary that I have setting here on my desk it means something that will cause laughter. It is something that is comical or humorous. OK so there are no surprises there.

The thing is what I might think is hysterically funny might not get so much as a smile out of someone else. So, one of the first things that I would advise as you do your shopping is to think about the person who will receive this gift. Will they think it is funny? Have you ever had that happen? You give someone a gag gift that just had you splitting your sides with laughter and they had this blank look on their face with not so much as a chuckle. Oh the disappointment! You just want to grow crawl under the closest chair and hide!

Let's see if I can make you chuckle, giggle or maybe just laugh right out loud with some of the suggestions that I have for some funny gifts to give this year for Christmas.

Funny Calendars for your kitchen wall
There’s nothing like a funny calendar to brighten up your day – day after day, week after week, month after month. I’ve found you funny day-to-day desk calendars as well as monthly wall calendars.
Snoopy wall calendars desk calendars, planners
Find the latest calendars on the most popular cartoons ever: Peanuts, featuring Snoopy, Charlie Brown, Franklin, Lucy van Pelt, Linus van Pelt, Peppermint Patty, and Sally Brown - as well as the little birdy Woodstock.
Fun trivia facts desk calendars
For those who love trivia, I've found you ten trivia desk calendars. They're sometimes simply lists of facts, sometimes in the shape of quiz questions (with answers at the back of the page of course). Either way: they're fun.
Funny and Unique Advent Calendars
Want to have an advent calendar, but have it be different? Nontraditional and funny? You've come to the right spot. I've located the most unusual advent calendars for you, as well as a few popular ones that aren't exactly traditional...
Terry Pratchett’s Discworld: The Funniest Fantasy Novels Ever
One of the finest series a lover of fantasy will ever find. Best Magic Fantasy by the popular Terry Pratchett. Over the top? Well, that fits. Pratchett IS over the top.

Aren't these the Funniest and Coolest Christmas gifts ever?

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