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Katinka's Halloween Gifts and Costumes

I lived in the US for a year when I was 12, with my parents and brothers. We celebrated Halloween that year and unfortunately I choose to dress up in grocery bags. Apparently that was so NOT the cool thing to do. I do think the following gifts and costume ideas are going to be a help though.

As many of you know, I make a living as an online publisher. This involves writing about stuff that interests me, like the spiritual path and karma, spiritual book reviews and so on. However, to make ends meet, I also do product recommendations. The movie reviews are somewhere between the spirituality (which doesn't make commercial sense) and the gift recommendations (which make me real money). Either way: I only recommend what I really liked. 

That is: I recommend products, and you - the potential customer - get to have less of a chore finding them. It's a win-win, especially since I get a percentage for each sale. The deal is this: follow a link on any of these pages and buy something, and you - without any extra cost to you - are sponsoring me to keep on going. 

I've started out of course with spiritual gifts, but there are also calendars, laptops, iPads, Harry Potter gear etc. It's all stuff I have bought or would buy if my house room and pockets were infinite. They're not and that's OK. 

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