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Best Computers, Laptops and Tablet PCs Reviewed for Kids, Geeks, Teens, Moms and Business

Whether you want a laptop as a desktop, a netbook, a tablet (iPad) for on the road or just a casual laptop for browsing and Facebook, I've researched it all. As many of you know, I make a living as an online publisher. This involves writing about stuff that interests me, like the spiritual path and karma, spiritual book reviews and so on. However, to make ends meet, I also do product recommendations.

Best 10 Laptops 2016 Top Netbook Deals Christmas

Top 10 Laptops to give This Holiday Season or get for yourself AFTER Christmas

Laptops are a great convenience and great Christmas or birthday gift idea for different age groups. Tablets are no doubt becoming popular - still Laptops are more versatile and practical. In fact, I use my laptop as a desktop PC in combination with an external mouse, keyboard and screen. Choose from the latest and most popular Laptop models below.

On this page you'll find both basic economy options (the majority) as well as premium laptops that combine the latest chips with the best displays and all the best specifications (see the sidebar). With each laptop or netbook I've listed what I consider the most important specifications:

If you are thinking that you would like to give someone in the family a laptop for Christmas, you would most likely want to get it for the best price possible. We all like a great deal and purchasing a computer can get kind of expensive.

Fortunately for us the technology companies seem to come out with new models just before the holiday buying season. That may have a lot to do with their anticipation that they will be given as gifts. We can look for new models that are being introduced that will sometimes be on special for a short time but there is something else to consider.

Perhaps last year's model will be sufficient for the computing needs of the person you plan to give the laptop to and that is where some of the best deals come from. Many times those models are being slowly phased out and the companies and places that sell them are trying to clear space on their inventory shelves for the newer models. That my friends is when we can save a little money.

Which Laptop Should I Gift This Christmas, or for a birthday

Picking the right notebook, a cool laptop!

So you've decided to gift a loved one a Laptop this Christmas, the trouble is - there are thousands of models to choose from. Picking the best can be tough and time consuming.

Which model offers the best features at an optimum price? Which one is forward compatible? You'd really like to make a statement with your Christmas Gift and be recognized as someone who is in with the trends.

Chromebook laptopChromebook - glorified browser?

Perhaps that's all you need! Best Economy Laptop right now!

The Chromebook comes along just when Windows laptop producers are no longer investing in low end, cheap (aka affordable) laptops for your every day user. Netbooks are out and Chromebooks are IT. Why? Safety from mall-ware has to count, as does the fact that the Chromebook comes with all the basic functionality you expect from your laptop pc:

Did I mention the price? I should - they start at less than $200, which is a great price for a laptop or netbook.

Operating on the Chrome OS these laptops are popular with many people. They run fast, update automatically and have all kinds of apps to use. Cloud technology keeps your files backed up and they are lightweight. What a lot of people like about these laptops is that there is very little in the way of set-up. No long downloads to endure or patches to install, take it out of the box and have it up and running in a very short span of time.

More about the unique Chrome OS

Lenovo Thinkpad Twist

Lenovo Twist 12.5-Inch Ultrabook

Tablet / Laptop Convertible sporting Windows 8

The Lenovo ThinkPad Twist 12.5-Inch Convertible Touchscreen Laptop (Black) very affordable fully featured Windows 8 laptop tablet convertible. Do you really still need that DVD/CD-Rom Drive? You can get an external one for home use.

And yes, of course this is a touchscreen laptop. More laptop convertibles

What are some things to look for? One important thing to think about is whether you want that laptop gift to be a new (meaning never used) one or not. It is possible to get a model of laptop that may have been manufactured last year that would still be considered new because it has never belonged to anyone else. It has sat on a shelf just waiting to be purchased.

Another option are the laptops that are slightly used or might have been used a lot. Often times you can get a pretty good deal as far as price goes on these. These would be the equivalent of buying a used car. It might be prudent to ask why the person is selling the laptop. Have they just decided to upgrade to a newer model? Maybe they are selling it because they need the money or is it that there is something wrong with it?

Refurbished Laptop Deals

There are also laptops with good deals that have been refurbished which in a nice way of saying that at some point they were broken and have been repaired. Usually they have been fitted with software that will run on the ancient system that it is. Sometimes these can be great machines but there is the gamble that not everything was replaced or even looked at. I look at these as comparable to a car that has been wrecked and repaired. I am not saying that all are bad but there is the potential that it might not have the life expectancy of a new one would. The used and refurbished may be something you do not mind just be aware of what you are purchasing is my advice.

For The Mac Users

Many people prefer the Apple/Mac laptops over ones that are run on Windows or other systems. Deals can be found on many Macbooks. When the description says older version, that usually means that it is operating on Lion or Snow Leopard that has a newer version to it. They still work just fine but just have a few less functions than the newest version would have. Refurbished Macs under $500.

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Best 10 Laptops, Top Netbook Deals Christmas
Laptops are a great convenience and great Christmas or birthday gift idea for different age groups. Tablets are no doubt becoming popular - still Laptops are...

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Windows 10 tablets! Should you get one?

Microsoft Surface Tablet as a Laptop Replacement

Some people use their iPad as a laptop replacement, but personally I would not consider it. However, the surface with it's built in cover / keyboard stands a good chance. Add to that the feature of being able to actually edit MS Office documents, and yes, that includes Excel, and you've got a laptop replacement on your hands.

For me personally it's not. I do to much coding and mucking about to use a tablet as a laptop replacement. But that's because I use my laptop as a desktop replacement. Confused yet?

Anyhow - if your needs are what most people's needs are: a bit of file editing, writing a note, email, web, a few games - the Surface tablet will do as a laptop.

And yes, you can use USB with this tablet PC, you can put in a Micro SD and you can use it to project Powerpoint slides.

ASUS 10.1-Inch Tablet Android Computer

The ASUS TF300T-B2-BL 10.1-Inch 32GB Tablet (Blue) is what I think netbooks will look like in a few years time - built in keyboard for when you need it, otherwise a fully featured tablet. It has Micro SD as well as USB, weighs only 2.1 pounds (heavy for a tablet, light for a Netbook) and sports Android. Isn't that a letdown? However, you CAN do presentations on Android, you can edit simple MS Office compatible documents, take notes on Evernote and of course you can play games on it too.

An iPad as a laptop replacement

Back to school, at the office or on the beach

iPad (newest version)

It's still controversial: seeing the iPad as a laptop replacement. However, since it's smaller, lighter and yet has the main functionality you'd get on laptop, it's definitely something to consider.

If you're going to work or do homework on that iPad, you do need an external keyboard. Otherwise, you really can do all your main tasks - typing, research online, even Skype, on an iPad. Save your stuff on dropbox, or on evernote (you'll need the paid version) and you're set to use that material on your desktop pc - if you end up using it at all...

In some ways an iPad is even faster than a PC or laptop: the startup time is faster (instant on instead of having to wait 30 seconds up to a minute). This makes all the difference when you want to look something up online or take a quick note. Battery life is also better (10 hours or so). This is double what most laptops manage. That makes all the difference at school or on the road.

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As many of you know, I make a living as an online publisher. This involves writing about stuff that interests me, like the spiritual path and karma, spiritual book reviews and so on. However, to make ends meet, I also do product recommendations.

That is: I recommend products, and you - the potential customer - get to have less of a chore finding them. It's a win-win, especially since I get a percentage for each sale. The deal is this: follow a link on any of these pages and buy something, and you - without any extra cost to you - are sponsoring me to keep on going. 

I've started out of course with spiritual gifts, but there are also calendars, laptops, iPads, Harry Potter gear etc. It's all stuff I have bought or would buy if my house room and pockets were infinite. They're not and that's OK. 

See also my gifts blog.