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Best Gifts for HIM: your husband, boyfriend, brother, friend or colleague

Cool Christmas Gifts For Guys boyfriend, husband or father

Men are probably the hardest species to find gifts for. Don't you agree? I've therefore tried to make things easier for you with cool and useful gifts.


Which gift will you buy for the most important men in your life. Would it be a personalized one or a non-personalized one. Getting men gifts is always tough.

My dad is happiest just having his children (and perhaps upcoming grandchild) around him. Presents are an extra. However, that doesn't stop us from racking our brains each year to come up with something. For my dad the gifts we can always fall back on are cigars, specialty beers and popular science books. Below you'll find some gift suggestions that other men are likely to be happy with.

However, I suspect even they are mostly just going to be happy to have their loved ones around them. Especially if that can happen without too many arguments and including good (doesn't have to be great) food. Christmas is the biggest festival of the year, and the time to show the men you care about them. Read on and find out which are the most popular Christmas gifts for men this year. From classic gifts to Hot Christmas Items. From lightweight laptops, camera's and camcorders, iPad bags or laptops and netbooks.

Presents Men Want

Swiss Army KnifeA gift that fits just about any lifestyle

A universal gift for man is sometimes thought to be hard to find. Not all guys like the same sorts of things, just like not all women like the same styles or activities. Something that every man can use is a utility knife to carry in his pocket. One that does more than just offer a knife blade.

There are a variety of options that can be chosen. Some offer a tiny saw, screwdriver, toothpick, nail file and so much more. He may never use some of them but the option is always there if he needs it. Besides it is just the kind of gadget that will fascinate him. It does not need batteries and he can carry and use it anywhere.Stupid.com Stocking Stuffers

Fun gag gifts for him

Best Guy Gifts

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Funny t-shirts for men

Best Christmas Gifts for men

I MustAche you a question

HOT RC and toy gifts for men and boys

One reviewer says her husband ran to the door when his RC toy arrived. He wasn't disappointed. This is really a great toy for boys who just don't want to grow up. Instead of playing with their grown up car, he's going to be playing with this toy car in the pool, on the lawn, through the bushes too. It really handles itself well on all sorts of terrain.

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Best tools for handy men

Drill , Tool bag, Compressor, army knife and saw

Quality Cordless drill

A versatile tool that makes quick work of a variety of driving and fastening tasks. With its high-performance, frameless motor; dual-range, variable-speed control; and comfortable grip, this tool is powerful and easy to handle. The Drill/Driver Kit includes a convenient one-hour Ni-Cad charger, two 18-volt Ni-Cad batteries, and a sturdy kit box.

Men's shirts

Top Christmas Gifts for Guys

Does your man avoid buying new cloths as effectively as my dad does? Perhaps giving them a good one for Christmas is just what he needs: you won't have to bother him about having to buy one!

Best music gifts for men

Learning to play the Guitar

Get serious about learning guitar

Isn't it every guy's dream to know how to play the guitar? Give this to the man in your life who wants to develop his musical side.

Help him improve his photography skills

Everybody is a photographer now. For some reason men become experts at it more than women. Perhaps we take ourselves less seriously? Anyhow, if your man (friend, brother, father) is serious about photography this will come in handy to create even better pictures.
Learn & Master Photography

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Learning other things?

Legacy Learning Systems DVD Courses - The Perfect Gift

Personalized Christmas Gifts For Men

Be it your partner, boyfriend, fiance, husband, father, son, grandfather, brother or cousin - you'd want to make them all feel special this Christmas. The gifts you buy for them will eventually depend on their individual taste and your shopping budget. Please take a look at the following options before you purchase Christmas gifts for important men in your life.

My view is that a not very expensive Engraved Gifts is always better than a much more expensive non-personalized one. But getting gifts personalized - specially those purchased from super-stores can be a bit tricky at times.

Does your man love sports? If yes, it would be a good idea to gift him a Personalized Christmas Gift embossed with the logo of his favorite sports team. Incase he likes reading there are lovely Personalized Bookends for professionals in different categories.

The choices are pretty wide. Personalized Photo Frames, Nameplates, Doormats, Wine Chillers, Ties, and Watches are some of the classic Christmas Gifts for men. They would never go out of fashion. There are some nice geek sites which offer really uncommon and unique gifts, try and figure out a way to get them Personalized and your Christmas Gift will be really really special.

Personalized Amber Growler.

For instance, I love the idea of this Amber Growler. Can be filled with your man's favorite beverage. This one is tailored to groomsmen, but you can give it any text you want. Great for a fishing trip!

Christmas Fragrances for men

Best Guy Gifts for Christmas

Davidoff Cool Water If you don't know where to start when choosing fragrance for men, then opting for one of the bestsellers is a fairly safe bet.

They are all quality scents, with masculine aromas that the special man in your life will love.

Choose from the best available in the market and see him smile when he receives one of these fragrances.gifts for him spa gift basket from castle baths

Best Guy Shavers

There are a number of different types of shaver available for men. The wet/ dry shaver, for example can cost more, but is useful because it can be used in the shower or bath, or completely dry.

Some shavers also come with extra added grooming attachments. If a very close shave is needed, then the more rotating blades the better.

Take a look at some of the best shavers for men this Christmas

Hot Rod Parking

Miniature Car Models

Car models by Signature Models

Most Men love automobiles. If your Father is one of those Guys - gifting him a Miniature Car Model makes sense. The diecast models are not very expensive and you can gift him a set of around 6 models for $ 100 or so.

Of course there are up scale models too - they will set you back by $ 500 or more! The choice ultimately - is yours.

He'll be proud to display these models at his home. Choose the Cars your Father admires, had at a point in time, or wanted to buy but could never afford them. Sure, he can't drive these models, but they are a cheap substitute for dreams that were not fulfilled.

Let's check out some of the best selling Miniature Car Models in the Market.

Toilet Games and Funny Bathroom Accessories

Does your Father spend a lot of time in the toilet? Gift him a toilet game which will keep him occupied while he answers nature's call. Potty Putter and Hook, Line, and Sinker Toilet Fishing Game will help him spend the time in the toilet in a fun way.

There are some cool Bathroom Accessories too which will strike the funny nerve in almost all men. Last but not the least - you can gift him a natural laxative to help regular and smoother motions!

Gifts for Retired Dads

Retirement brings with it lots of free time to relax and pursue our hobbies. One doesn't have to follow the strict work regime and is relatively free to spend the time as he pleases.

The Retired Dad Gifts highlighted below will help your Dad show off his status and make the ones who work - Jealous. Help your Father brag about his freedom with these cool gifts.

Mens Wheeled Laptop Bags

A thoughtful gift for the professional who travels a lot with his job is a rolling laptop bag for men. If his work has him needing to travel and take his laptop with him one of these wheeled bags is a perfect idea. He may not need to travel away from home but just have to take his laptop with him to business meetings across town or he might have to park rather far from his office. He may ride the bus or subway to work and having a bag on wheels will really ease his load.

The Samsonite 15.6-Inch Classic Wheeled Business Case

Not only does this rolling laptop bag provide a safe way to travel with his laptop but it has a nice compartment that will accommodate clothing for an overnight business trip. The compartment that holds his computer will fit laptops with up to 17 inch screens. There is a zip down work station option on this wheeled bag, too. This handy little station holds adapters, pens, business cards and even has a key-clip. The handle locks in three different positions.

Leather Laptop Bag Can Be Rolled Or Carried
McKleinUSA FRANKLIN 86445 Black Leather 17 Detachable Wheeled Laptop Case US PATENT

A very nice design allows for rolling the bag when you need that option or you can hide the handle and carry the bag with the sturdy double handles. The design of this rolling laptop bag is stylish well thought out. Normally the wheels and handle add a lot of extra weight but not this bag. It will hold a laptop with a screen of 15.4 inches or smaller. The bottom has water resistent and scuff resistant materials to also help protect his computer. Extra compartments for his other necessities.

Lego gifts for your man

LEGOS For Adults: Lego sets for Grown Ups for Christmas
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Sports and Exercise gift ideas

Themed Gift Baskets

Is your dad into sports? If so then there are many pre-packaged Father's Day gift baskets suitable for him. In fact, these don't usually come in "baskets" at all, but in sports themed balls or boxes full to the brim with related goodies.

Choose from Baseball, Basketball, Golf, Football, Soccer, Lawn Tennis, and a host of other sports.

Exercise Equipment

Home Gyms for Fit Dads

If you would like to go a step further - buying your Father a Home Gym on Father's Day is a cool idea. Home Gyms are available from the $ 100 mark and go all the way up to the $ 10,000 mark.

The one you ultimately choose will depend on your budget and your Father's fitness level and needs. Featured below are some of the best Home Gyms at different price points. Surf around and you'll surely find one which will please your Dad.

Fitness Trainer and Heart Rate Monitor Watches

These are great exercise accessories that every health conscious Dad must have. They look great and ensure that the pain does not go in vain.

Suunto, Polar, and Times have some real cool watches in this category. Most of the watches are below $ 200 - however, if budget is not a constraint there are costlier ones available too.

Present your Dad a gift which will remind him about you each time he exercises. Let's check out some of the best options.Unique Gifts for Men

Huge Jigsaw Puzzle

Large Jigsaw Puzzles - the best gift for MY dad!

Shown above is the 3000 piece jigsaw puzzle my dad is working on right now. That's the largest size puzzle my mom will tolerate in the house, for obvious reasons. It takes my dad about 3 months to finish one of these. Weird, what some people get up to. But hey, it's a harmless hobby and I even join in occasionally when I come round.

Even more Christmas and Holiday presents for the guys in your life

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BBQ & Grilling Tools

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