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Hot Movie Gifts For Christmas

Getting a hot (everyone wants to see it) movie for them to watch on DVD is a great idea for a Christmas gift. It might be a movie to add to a collection of movies like the Twilight Series or The Hobbit that will go along with their Lord of the Rings movies. Fans of the James Bond thrillers are sure to want the latest 007 movie. Of course the DVD does not have to be a movie at all but a season of their favorite television series. If you are getting them a gift, you will know their taste in movies well enough to get the hottest new movie on DVD that fits the type of movie they love to watch the best.

Top teen movies for boys and girls

These are my favorite high school movies. It's probably a bit juvenile of me, but I always love a good teenage movie. And since I'm a girl, I guess these are...

I like movies and I like writing about them. Most of my movie reviews are theme based: the best ones which raise ethical questions, are based in New York, deal with divorce, the best Jane Austen movies etc.

As many of you know, I make a living as an online publisher. This involves writing about stuff that interests me, like the spiritual path and karma, spiritual book reviews and so on. However, to make ends meet, I also do product recommendations. The movie reviews are somewhere between the spirituality (which doesn't make commercial sense) and the gift recommendations (which make me real money). Either way: I only recommend what I really liked.

Top 10 teenage movies for girls of all time
These are my favorite high school movies. It's probably a bit juvenile of me, but I always love a good teenage movie. And since I'm a girl, I guess these are... Teen girl movie recommendations by readers
Top Cancer Movies
It is the diagnosis that none of us want to hear and yet it effects all of us in some way. The makers of movies and films have incorporated cancer into...
Best movies about Alzheimer's Disease
Has someone you love and care about been diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease? Are you looking for some of the best alzheimers movies to watch to possibly glean some understanding?
Best ethics movies, ready for debate?
I love watching movies, however some movies are special: they make you think. Below are my pick of the best movies about ethical debates. Whether it's...
Top Romantic Time Travel Movies
Time travelling is the stuff of science fiction. It's the stuff of speculative theoretical physics. The usual speculations is whether it is possible to change the past and with it the future. As a plot device, it is also a way to reflect on the nature of relationships, because some time traveling is done only in the mind.
Best romantic comedy movie for kids in a divorce > Movies - my favorites
I saw 'Definitely, Maybe' and 'The Parent Trap' again today and I thought they make a nice contrast. Both are funny, both made me cry (well, it was a day for crying over soppy movies) and both have a happy...
My favorite New York Movies
It's the city that never sleeps...


The best Emma Adaptation, Jane Austen Movie review
I'm a big Jane Austen fan. On the big screen Emma is possibly my favorite. On this page you'll find my review of the three Emma versions I've seen, including which I think is best.
Movies inspired by Jane Austen
Some of the best romantic novels ever were written by one lady early 19th century: Jane Austen. Movies inspired by her work abound.

Pride & Prejudice

Best pride and prejudice movie - Jane Austen Movies Reviews
I love Jane Austen and Pride and Prejudice is one of my favorite books. Let me share with you my favorite version, though picking ONE favorite may be a problem.
Best Sense and Sensibility Movie Adaptation, Jane Austen Review
The story of two sisters who lose their father just when they're old enough to get married, set in early 19th century England.