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Best Unique Christmas Stocking Stuffers for everyone!

The Dutch Santaclaus (Sinterklaas) gives his gifts on (or before) December 5th. He is an expert in funny gifts, wrappings and poems. When I found out that some of this fun aspect of Sinterklaas is also present in the Christmas gifts tradition, especially when it comes to stocking stuffers and Secret Santa gifts, I could not resist contributing a few pages to that aim.

Above you see a reasonably traditional way in which Christmas stockings are hung over a fire place.

Below is an image from The Dutch Sinterklaas tradition of setting a shoe, which is obviously related. As you can see the traditional carrot is added, for Sinterklaas' horse. Included in the shoe can be a list of requested gifts or a drawing as a gift to Santa Claus. In the morning all that was in the shoe will have been taken (presumably by Sinterklaas or his helpers) and replaced with candy, nuts or small inexpensive gifts.

The list below is mostly aimed at Christmas Stocking Filler ideas for adults - for him and her, for your boyfriend or your girlfriend, but you will also find fresh ideas for small gifts for children and teens.

For KIDS: toy stocking stuffers
Finding something that is small enough to fit in the Christmas stocking and age appropriate takes a little shopping. I have created a list of ideas for you that covers ages from toddlers to teens in hopes that it will assist you in the time you have to spend shopping for the smaller toys. See also these lego stocking fillers...
For TEENS: stocking fillers
Our teenagers, usually, are pretty good at telling us what they want. It is those little gifts for the stocking or small surprises that we seem to get stuck on. Teen Girls, Teen Guys
For HIM: stocking stuffers
There is a boy in every man and whether it is your boyfriend, partner, husband, dad, brother, cousin, or granddad – all of them look forward to what Santa has brought them this Christmas!
For HER: stocking fillers
This guide will help you find the most unique stocking stuffers you can give your wife, girlfriend, Aunt, or friend.

Fun candy to fill that stocking

Long gifts make that stocking look like fun. You could go with Pixy stix or beef jerky sticks. I man the real thing, not the novelty items based on them (some of which you can find below).

Funny clothing stocking stuffers

There are three traditional areas for fun clothing: socks, underwear and t-shirts

Christmas boxer

Who does not need socks?Happy Socks

A fun idea is to stuff some socks in that Christmas stocking. Seriously, who on this planet can not use some extra socks? Might as well make them fun and colorful as one of your gifts. Warm feet are happy feet, you know.

Who said socks need to be boring? Meet Happy Socks!

Magnetic office toys

It can't be all work and no play, not even at the office. And if your boss complains, tell her that it helps you switch to 'creative mode'. It's true too! 

Small magnetic office toy

If those magnetic balls aren't to your taste, perhaps you'd like to give those cute magnetic blocks! They come in a tasteful grey bag for easy storage. The colors are gender-neutral, but if this is still too colorful, it's also available in a jungle color scheme. There is even a blue set.

The set below is suitable for children and adult!

magnetic blocks for adults and kids

Another gift idea that will go well in any stocking is a fun mug. They come in all sorts of themes: for mom, dad, teachers, nurses, bosses , dog lovers, cat people and of course Star Wars fans.

Novelty Mug

Cooking and Kitchen Stocking Fillers

The kitchen and food are an eternal source of humor. That's no wonder: food is after all essential to our survival. No wonder we put a lot of energy into it. So if you're wondering what to put in Christmas stocking stuffers for adults, fun, novelty kitchen accessories are a great idea.

skull spoon

Isn't this skull spoon just gruesome? And of course, it fits that stocking!

For tea lovers this Sloth Tea Infuser is so fun. A nice way to remind a friend (and tea lover) to take it slow, every once in a while.

sloth tea infuser

Top Stocking Filler Gag Gifts for men and women

Hot funny creative novel Secret Santa Gift Ideas

Christmas stocking, funny gag gifts or Silly Secret Santa gifts are often a fun family / office tradition. Filling those hanging stockings from the mantel with goofy presents along with the Christmas candy and fruit puts a smile on everyone's face.

Some family gatherings will pass around white elephant gifts (another name for gag gifts).
Even office parties will include gag gifts. Being a secret Santa is more exciting when a funny present has been picked out. If the person you happen to be giving this to have a sense of humor.

Creativity in that stocking

Most of these ideas are creative (I hope) in the sense that you would not have thought of them yourself. However, I love these Melissa & Doug Rainbow Mini Scratch Art Notes (Box of 125). They are great for that artistic person stuck at the office (because you know, the bills), but also as a small favor for anybody who is into arts and crafts.

Scratch notes

A Few Fresh Ideas For how to fill That Christmas Stocking

Do you struggle every year with what to use for stocking fillers at Christmastime? It does seem to be a common problem and I find myself wrestling with some good ideas, too. Oh, it usually is not too difficult to find little things to put in the kids stockings but when it comes to the older kids and the adults I am at a loss for some good ideas. The gifts need to be on the small side so that they will fit in the stocking and they can't be too heavy. There is nothing worse than having put the gifts in the stocking only to have the loop break from the weight! 

Some of the best ideas to stuff in that Christmas sock are funny little gag gifts but you can also find useful little gifts, too. Let's have a look at some of the top choices available for this year.

Fanny Bank Funny Farting Coin Drop Bank

That funny noise that passes from a person's body is a hit with today's crowd. Every time you place a coin in this fanny bank, you won't stop laughing.

Santa Coupons for Good Boys and GirlsA Great Stocking Stuffer Idea

Santa Coupons For Good Boys and Girls

This little coupon book is advertised for kids and it is a fun idea for them but I think it can be just as much for for adults, too. Filled with coupons that can be redeemed all year long. Who wouldn't like to hand in that coupon for extra dessert when it happens to be our favorite one? There are ones where the redeemer gets to pick the toppings on the family pizza and that sure comes in handy when you happen to be the one who usually gets vetoed on those toppings. Loaded with 48 pages of special privileges for the year.

Snowman MarshmellowsA Sweet Treat For The Stocking

Snowman Marshmallow Peeps

Who says you have to wait for the Easter Bunny to deliver marshmallow peeps? Santa can leave them, too. There are some fun ideas like Christmas trees, snowmen, reindeer and gingerbread boys. I think these would be a huge hit for kids and adults both. I would be sure to place these on top in the stocking so that they do not get smashed. Who wants a squished peep?

Novelty Pens
I have listed some fun ideas for gadget pens for you to consider for yourself or as a gift for kids, teens, students and adults.

cat novelty pen

Best Christmas Stocking Stuffers For Desk and Office

These little gifts are great for adults and students to have for their desks to help them throughout the year when it comes to keeping papers organized or writing notes. They are fun and functional at the same time. Pens to write with, notes to make for themselves or others and fun clips to keep items together when there is a need.

Prediction PenPredict A Pen - Prediction Making pen

Our writing utensils do not have to be boring, they can be fun as well.

Floppy Sticky NotesFloppy Disk Sticky Notes

These are perfect for adults who are going to remember using a floppy disk in their computers!

Bycicle paperclipsBicycle Clips - Red/White/Blue

Sure, you could give them plain old paper clips but why not choose something different and clever?

Filling those stockings

Coming up with the best Christmas stocking stuffers each year does not have to become a job that we dread. Think of the person who the stocking belongs to and then look at things that they might be able to use or will have some fun with. There are plenty of little items that are the right size that can be placed in the stocking. We just need to think outside of the box or stocking if you will. 

The gifts can be edible, funny, useful or any combination of the same. 

Top Stocking StufferFlingshot Flying Monkey

Flingshot Flying Monkey

These little things are really popular with boys (of all ages) and girls, too. They really are fun to play with. A new take on the old slingshots that kids played with decades ago these flingshots take it up a notch or two. Most come with sounds and there are a huge variety of animals to choose from. You can have a monkey like the one shown here but there are also cows, pigs, chickens, ducks, frogs, cats and all kinds of animals to fling at objects or each other.

Harry Potter Christmas Stocking Fillers
With the popularity of the Deathly Hallows movies, Harry Potter stocking stuffers are a great way to enjoy the Christmas season. Whether you want to give candy, or just a smaller Harry Potter item, I've found you a whole lot of stocking filler gift ideas inspired by the movies and books.

Funny Christmas Gag Stocking Stuffer Gift Ideas

Humorous Gifts To Give For Christmas

Take the "bah humbug" out of the festivities this year with some funny Christmas gifts. Some people just get so uptight over the holidays! Lighten up the mood with some gag gifts that will get everyone laughing. Funny gifts are also great for those "White Elephant" gift exchanges at the office, too. Show those on your gift list that Santa has a jolly sense of humor with more than just his "Ho, Ho, Ho-ing".

Know someone who gets all tense about Christmas? Maybe they worry over getting the right gift for everyone on their list. Perhaps money is tight so they "spazz" over the expense of the holidays. Sometimes you just want to tell them to take a "chill pill" and sit back and enjoy the season for what it is - a time to be with family and friends (gifts or not). Now you can give them a supply of chill pills as a gag gift for Christmas. See the featured product at the left with a link below. Personally I think a flower pen is a fun stocking gift for just about any woman.

Don't Get In A Pickle Over Christmas - funny gift idea

A nice gift for the "sourpuss" for Christmas! Besides the laughter when you catch the look on their face when they open this awesome gift, it can provide the musical entertainment for the unwrapping of gifts. So, it is two, two gifts in one! It actually does play some yodeling music and lucky you - you don't have to fork out extra money for batteries because they are included. And if you do not think this is a funny Christmas gift, click on the product link and read some of the reviews! They are hysterical!

Santa Must Be A Dad - a funny Christmas gift idea

A funny Christmas gift especially for Dads and Granddads who never tire of the old line "Here, pull my finger" at every holiday meal. I would imagine that poor old Santa does run in to some gastric difficulties over the course of his trip around the world what with all those milk and cookies he is obliged to eat at every other house he stops at. Don't tell anyone but I've heard that Santa has an intolerance to dairy products, hence the need for his finger to be pulled!

Dear Santa,I have been really good this year,
well mostly good,
uhm sort of good,
oh never mind...
I'll buy something
for myself.

A Funny Gift For Your Cat Loving Friend
For the gal on your list who loves her cats (maybe just a little too much). As she brushes off the cat hair on her favorite Christmas sweater, she is sure laugh out loud when she opens her gift from you. Well, as long as you know she has a good sense of humor, she will. She may not be an honest to goodness real Cat Lady but she is sure to get a giggle or two out of this lady with the scary eyes and six cats.

Car Or Room Freshner - slightly different aromas from the norm

Ok, so this is not a laugh out loud hysterical and funny Christmas gift but it is unique and somewhat of a gag gift. Give them an air freshener for their car, dorm room or any place they prefer. The one shown below has a bacon scent for those who love their bacon. You can also choose a scent for: buttered popcorn, cherry pie, cupcake or macaroni and cheese.

The Original RedNek Wine Glass

Fill it with anything funny and appropriate and you've got a great secret santa gift idea. This wine glass has a top, so you can put in jam, putty, nickles, or just something that has been the joke of the office for years.  

Joke Bandages Novelty Gag Bandage

Shown is the Jesus bandage - might be a bit offensive to religious co-workers, but if you wanted to make them light up about their faith, this would be the gift for them. However, there are also joke bandages with bacon print on them, monsters, crime scene investigation labels, cupcakes, toast, bling, kisses, mustaches, pickles, pirates, monkeys, fake tattoo's, and the ultimate gag gift: underwear.

Calvin Klein LipglossWhether she happens to be an adult or a teen, she probably could use some make-up. Find something small that will fit in the stocking for Christmas and then it will also fit in her purse or backpack during the rest of the year, like lip gloss. There are items for the lips, the eyes and her cheeks that make for a great little gift.

Funny Christmas Gifts
Funny gag gifts are also great for those "White Elephant" gift exchanges at the office, too.
Office Gag Gifts
, and funny kitchen gifts and more kitchen gag gifts...

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