Katinka's Women Gifts Guide

Best Gifts for HER: your wife, girlfriend, mother, grandma, sister, friend or colleague

Fun, inspiring and elegant gift ideas for the women in your life: daughters, wives, girlfriends, sisters, mothers and grandmothers. Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus. Is that true? Well it isn't that hard to please the important women in your life if you devote some time and attention. Take a look at the Best Gifts for Women and choose the one that suits best the personality of the lady who is going to receive the gift for her birthday or as a holiday gift.

These gift suggestions for women, are listed so you don't have to sweat it trying to figure her out. I even have a list of gifts a friend of mine really wants.

Presents For Women

Gift basket to spoil your womanSpa Gift Basket For Women

Women are so very busy in today's society. Giving her a gift basket with a personal spa treatment that she can enjoy in the privacy of her own bath is something any woman will enjoy. There are many varieties with the same idea that can be personalized to her likes. She can be a college student who needs a break, a busy professional who needs to leave the stresses of her job behind or a Mom who needs a little "me" time away from the kids. All women love a little pampering now and then.

Top Gadgets for Women and Girls

Geeky Girl Stuff for HER - women and girls

Gadgets for girls are nothing out of the norm anymore. There was a time when girls did not get into the geeky kind of gadgets and gizmos that boys were interested in. Today girls want the electronic devices and techie stuff as much as the boys do. Things like a smartphone, tablet and other mobile devices are used everyday in a girl's life.

Let me show you some pretty cool gadgets that any girl would love to have.

I love the Samsung Galaxy Note system (great for sketching and hand written notes), but as a phone the Note is a bit big for my hands, though I admit I'm tempted. Why get both a phone and a tablet, when you can get a phablet (PHone + tABLET) instead? 

A new look for an old standby

An alarm clock with a new look and quite the little gizmo. It changes to seven different colors. She can wake up to four different sounds of nature or she can have the buzzer alarm. The display shows easy to read hour and minutes along with the calendar date. Adjustable snooze for up to one hour. It also acts as a thermometer and reads in both Fahrenheit or Celsius.

Best tablet for girls - Kindle Fire HDX or Nexus

Women and girls just love the Kindle Fire HDX tablets! You can get them in a 7 inch version as shown below or the 8.9 inch version. She can surf the internet, play games, read books, watch movies with this awesome technology gadget. It comes in a variety of choices for Gigabytes of memory and also different connection options like Wi-Fi, bluetooth and ethernet.

For your geek girl a Nexus is a better buy: more apps, more flexibility, equally good screen.

A Galaxy Note Tablet

I'm telling you this tablet is awesome! She will be absolutely amazed at the choice of apps to use. Productivity apps along with fun apps. This tablet operates a lot like an iPad except that it runs on Android instead of Apple software.

She also gets a stylus but it isn't just any stylus! This thing is called the smart pen and in combination with a wacom-style screen, you can create really detailed drawings on this tablet. Definitely recommended for artistic women and girls with a geek side.

iPad MiniI Want an iPad Mini for Christmas

If your lady is like me at all she will really love to get a new tablet for Christmas and the most intriguing one out there is the iPad mini with the retina display. I like it because the size is so much more manageable and the crisp display of images and videos is really so much better than what I have now. The new mini runs faster and has all of the latest software like iPad air so it is super responsive.

Are girls geeks?

There was a time that girls did not much get into the geeky things. That is no longer the case! Girls are and always have been capable of using the technology gadgets. A few decades back, they may not have been as interested.

Geeks rule, now. Well, really our lives are full of geeky gadgets! We not only have cell phones, we have smartphones. I have often said that my smartphone is smarter than my first computer was. Most girls use computers at school and have them at home. Actually, many girls have their own laptops. Although, the swing seems to be falling away from those heavy old laptops into netbooks. What is really hot are the tablet devices that virtually do away with the need for a laptop or netbook. Many either come with a keyboard or have the ability to add one.

I would say that girls are just as much geeks as guys are because we are surrounded with useful tools that we love to use.

A pouch for her gadgets

Give her a fun little pouch or mini purse to carry her phone, tablet or small gadgets in. Large interior pocket for her phone and an exterior pocket to slide things into.

Girly Christmas Wishlist and Gift Suggestions - for girls, teens and adult women

If you're looking for cute gifts for your girlfriends, you've come to the right place. From jewelry to art, from pretty bags to flower pens, from calendars to pillows ...

Unique and inspiring jewelry

Jewelry Christmas gift ideas for women

Most women love jewelry as a Christmas Present. It gives them more choice in dolling up and making themselves as pretty as they can manage. It's a form of creative expression too, I think. What's the right necklace with this dress? Does it go with my shoes and handbag?

Whimsical Kids WatchesA cute personalized watch makes a great women's gift. At Wimsical Watches you can customize the watch to reflect her hobbies and interests. Whether she'll want it in pink, or a classic black wristband - or any other color: they've got it all. And you can customize any of the details, even though they've got plenty of styles to choose from on the site.

Gold Teddy RingCute Diamond Teddy Bear Necklace Pendants for Valentine's Day

A user says:

I love my diamond teddy bear! Just like a child loves and cares for their favorite teddy, so too can an adult, just imagine your favorite teddy, crafted from silver or gold and encrusted with sparkling diamonds.

I am sure that all who dare to peruse these diamond teddy necklaces will find that childhood magic again, with some inspirational examples of the teddy, enjoy!

For instance a hot trend in jewelry for women this year are the collar necklaces. Models are wearing them on the runway and in photographs in advertisements. Other ideas might be the hottest movie that everyone wants to see or the best selling books that everyone wants to read.

Simply Elegant Necklace

Works well for most ladies at Christmas

Personally, I am not one who wears a lot of jewelry but when I do, I prefer it to be simple and elegant in its design. A little flash is fine but not too much. I want something that will look nice for an evening out but could also be worn in a casual or business setting.

Includes an 18 inch box chain for immediate wear.

Christmas Themed Bracelets

Sterling Silver Christmas Charm Beads, Charm Bracelets

Some are enameled and colorful and some are sparkling with cz and other stones.

Snowflakes are perhaps my favorite symbol of winter and the holiday season, they are just so beautiful and come in so many cute designs.

Valentine's Day Gifts for women who don't like jewelry

In general I think jewelry makes the best valentines gift. However, some women just don't wear jewelry at all. Or they wear it so little they really don't need their man to add to the collection. So what do you give them? On this page I've listed some suggestions. The main thing though: it's the thought that counts. I know it sounds corny, but flowers really are a great gift for valentines day - or any other day of the week.

Shown here is an example of flowers for valentines day, to be ordered through Amazon (who'd have thought it).

When buying flowers there are only two rules: 1) red roses are always good, especially on this special day, and 2) her favorite flowers are even better.

While in general the local flower shop should do fine, if you're out for a trip on that special day, having flowers sent special delivery should help make up for your absence. Not much - don't forget to spend some serious quality time with her when you get back.

Still, if you really can't help being away - she'll appreciate the fact that you thought of her. Of course having your secretary pick out the flowers is NOT the same.
... I know, we're a tough breed to understand.

Don't overlook the vase: women love having a good collection of vases. Unlike the flowers and chocolates, the vase will be useful when you least expect it. She'll know as soon as she gets it though... That's women for you...

Pamper gifts for women

Spa At Home Gift Idea

I am not really one who would go to a regular spa but having a gift basket filled with items that might be used in a spa would really appeal to me. It might appeal to your gal, too. In the luxury of my own home at a time when I have the spare time to relax, this would be just divine! The combination of vanilla and ginger would be appealing to my senses. I also love that once the ingredients are used up, I will still have a nice basket that I can use around the house for other purposes.

Belgian Chocolate - Yes, more chocolate. Can you tell I'm addicted?

Did you know chocolate is the one thing a woman can treat herself to, without it being a sign of bad mental health?

Well, if your girl is not worried about her waist line, chocolates are surely one of the best smaller gifts you could give her. Who doesn't like chocolate? GIVING chocolate sends the message: I think you look great, you do NOT need to lose weight. And that's something she likely really likes to hear from you.

These chocolate sea shells are a delicious milk chocolate, mixed up with white and black chocolate for the unique look. The insides are chocolate pralines, and taste great.

Have a picture framed

For a more personal and lasting touch: have a picture of yourself, or you two together, framed. If you have kids, a family picture is a great gift too.

While of course you can use a holiday picture or something like that, alternatively you could dress up and go get a professional photographer to take a picture of everyone. Makes a great tradition, and family heirloom.

Valentines Day Card

No valentines day is complete without a beautiful card. There are few out there meant for adults, but I think this one will be appreciated by just about anybody. After all, red roses mean LOVE, don't they? Us ladies don't need an expensive gift. We need to know you care. A card like this with the message that you'll do more around the house will make us all woozy inside.

Best books for Women

Adult coloring book with yoga images and mandalas

Many women love to read. It gives us a chance to take a holiday from cleaning the house, stress at work and taking the kids wherever it is they need to go. Whether it's a love novel or a thriller or some science tome - a book is a great gift, especially if you pick it right.

Best Books to Read: List
I love reading books and have ever since I knew how to read. I mostly read fantasy, science fiction, religious and spiritual inspiring and information stuff....

Choose the best this Christmas

Perfumes, Jewelry, Hair-Stylers, Home-Aids, Boots - there are lots of options available. I personally would choose a gift that is personal rather than a boring mixer or vacuuming robot. However, it all depends on the individual and the circumstance. Below are some of the top choices of gifts for women this Christmas. Hope you'd like them. Please leave your feedback in the guest book.

Funny Unique Christmas Gifts for Women
Looking for some fun unique gifts for women? you've found the right place! This guide will help you find the most unique gifts you can give your wife...

Laptop case on wheelsBest Bags for Women

Kensington Contour Balance Notebook Roller Bag in Onyx

This best selling rolling laptop bag is a long time favorite of mine. Although it's black, I think the flower pattern in white contrasts quite prettily, without being garish. It's reminiscent of Art Nouveau, without being dated.

Laptop bags for ladies

Best Women's Leather Laptop Bags

When it comes to choosing leather laptop bags for women the search can be somewhat extensive. Finding a cute ladies leather laptop bag is important as well a...

Purse for iPad for women: purses and handbags for Kindle and iPad

The iPad is just great. It is light, easy to use and has just enough functionality to replace the laptop in the office. In fact, for many people it will...

Cute, stylish and yet convenient laptop bags

Women may like style, but they also want practical. They want to look good, yet not break their backs on their laptops. These bags help them do both.

Personalized Christmas Gifts for your wife, daughter, sister or mother

Everyone loves surprises. If your relationship has become boring you can perk it up by gifting her Personalized Lingerie. In case the woman for whom you are purchasing a Personalized Christmas Gift happens to be your Grandmother a regular gift would do. Or maybe you can Personalize an Xbox Kinect or Sony Move and Surprise her too.

Give yourself a few minutes of solace and think outside the box - you'll surely come up with an idea that'll surprise you! My favorite gift for women is - a bracelet, it's always visible and you can gift it to your Partner as well as your Grandmother.

Paradoxically personalized gifts are often not all that personal: they just have the name of the recipient engraved. That tells them that you did not know what to get them, but did take the trouble to make it personal. That has to count for something right?

Personally I would really appreciate an engraved pen or something: a generic but often used object does become more special when it has your name on it. Weird, but true.

Custom planners for women

Being a mom means flying from place to place, hardly finding a moment to herself. These planners will help her stay organised, and they can be custom engraved as well.

The perfect gift that shows a personal touch, and yet an understanding of what it means to be a mom: it means having to juggle the kids schedules as well as her own (and yours sometimes).

Perfume As A Christmas Gift

15% to 30% OFF Spa and Bath Sets! Shop Now!

Perfume has been a favorite of females for thousands of years. No woman would disliked being gifted a bottle of sweet smelling perfume.

It would help if the Perfume is her special one or if it's one of the better brands available in the market.

If she already has a daytime perfume, consider getting her something for the evening. And remember, even the bottle is important if she likes to display perfume on her dresser.

Is she always taking courses?

Women often love taking a course on this or that. They can go out to town for one of those, or stay at home to study and play. Here are some suggestions of what she might want to learn:

Ballroom Dancing Learning System

I bet she'd love to learn how to dance right there at home. A very romantic gift, especially if you promise to practice with her!

Learning to paint: Help her find the artist inside

Painting Learning System - The Perfect Gift

Legacy Learning Systems DVD Courses - The Perfect Gift

Legacy learning teaches popular instruments like Guitar, Piano and keyboard, Drums and Blues Guitar. You can also give her lessons in Ballroom Dancing and Photography. 

Sports gifts for women

Toning Sneakes as Christmas Gifts

These shoes generally feature soles that rock back and forth when wearing them. This forces the wearer to move in a different way, and apparently causes them to use three times as much energy when walking.

In turn, this means that problem areas, such as the buttocks and thighs, will tone up a lot faster without any noticeable extra effort.

Cool Choice as Christmas Gifts - Toning Sneakers are available in a variety of designs and colors.

Yoga Statue

Yoga Gifts for Her

Yoga gifts for her, just starting out in yoga or already an expert at this practice. She will be able to have a complete knowledge of customizing her workout with books on yoga and health for women. Giving her inter peace with the soothing music. Clothes and workout equipment make the perfect start for wellness. Some of these gifts have more to do with yoga as a way of life that influences home decor: posters, figurines etc.

Your yogic girlfriend or wife will love these yoga gifts!

The Woman's Book of Yoga and Health: A Lifelong Guide to Wellness

Everything you need to know with yoga and women's health is right here in this comprehensive and passionate book written by women. Authors Linda Sparrowe, Patricia Walden and Judith Hanson Lasater have streamlined a complete yoga program that addresses women's health and specific disorders. Yoga and fitness that begins with the teen years to the wisdom years.

The first part of the book begins with the different yoga poses with clear instructions. The second part represents the stages of a woman's life and how yoga addresses these common problems.

Grip Yoga Socks - Traction You Need

Did you forget your mat for working out?

No need to worry with these All Grip Yoga Socks by Gaiam. These socks provide all the traction you need for your yoga workout. Gripping socks will help you keep your balance for any pose. Shoes are a wonderful protection from contacting any disease and viruses in public places, like Athlete's foot and Plantar Warts. Yoga socks are made of comfortable 80 percent cotton and 20 percent synthetic fibers blend to fit. The five-toe pockets allow complete range of articulated motion and non-slip grip to allow for that perfect balance every time.

Yoga In Pregnancy
Yoga in pregnancy poster!

More yoga gift ideas

More gift ideas for Christmas for the Ladies

2016, 2017

Bad Gift Ideas For Women For Christmas

I am stating this from my own preferences but I can also tell you that I have heard many women over the years say pretty much the same things when it comes to gifts and what we want and what we do not want.

First, never give her a kitchen appliance for Christmas unless she has specifically asked for one! It might be something that she would get a lot of use out of, it might be that at any other time she would love it but it is so NOT personal and is a really bad idea as a gift for her.

It is also a bad idea to give a woman a gift that is actually something that you want but she has no interest in. Maybe you love camping or fishing but she does not. Giving her camping gear is a huge mistake if she does not want to go spend time in the great outdoors. Same goes with fishing or other activities, if she is not going to go out and fish (like ever!) then a fishing rod and reel will get you in hot water with her. If she is a gal who loves these sorts of things, then by all means choose something that she will use.

Clothing that is not going to remotely fit. I'm serious! If she is a size 12 and you buy her a size 6 she is going to get the message that you want her to lose enough weight to fit in that smaller size. Bad idea! Really bad idea! It is not difficult to find out her size, you know. Sneak into the closet and look at the size marked in the clothes that she wears. It is that easy, guys.

The best way to not give her a bad gift for Christmas is to stop and think about what she loves to do or things that she gets really excited about when you are out together. Make the gift personal and she will love it. Your gift does not have to be expensive if it is something that she can tell you put some real thought into. Some of the best gifts that I have received from my man were ones that were not expensive at all but were items that I could tell he had really thought about and knew me well enough that I would love it.

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Most Wanted Christmas Gifts and Presents
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